She's back!

New Grace Jones album announced...

Pop sorceress, multimedia fashionista and all-round diva divine Grace Jones returns this year to release her first studio album in over two decades. It will be called Hurricane and you'll be able to grab it from the shop shelves (or download) on October 27th.

She's signed to Wall of Sound, the cult indie label that have produced a number of our favourite tracks over the past few years.

This all comes hot on the heels of Grace's recently London at the Royal Festival Hall on June 19th for Massive Attack's Meltdown series of concerts, which received critical acclaim across the board. (The Guardian claimed "she is an ongoing performance art project...what resonates is not any one song, but Jones' unparalleled presence." Wowzwers!)

Managing Director of Wall of Sound, Mark Jones, said: "It's an absolute honour and privilege to be working with Grace. No one has inspired more people whatever race, sex, colour or creed to be who they want to be and so much more. Her new album will not only re-establish her as one of the world's most important artists but also introduce her to a new generation of music lovers".

On signing to Wall Of Sound and the new record, Grace simply said: "Grrrrrrr". (Don't you just love her?)

Incidentally, if you missed her at the Meltdown Festival, then get yourself down to the the Secret Garden Party Festival in Huntingdon, which Grace will be headlining on Saturday 26th July.

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Could anyone BE more fabulous???

Added by JG

02/07/2008 00:53:23