Bob Henderson

Shakespeare shook up in RVT's Summer Panto

farce paced and fantastic

Last night we had a jolly trip down to see The Royal Vauxhall Tavern's Summer Panto, a decidedly queer take on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The cast was a beautiful cross section of Vauxhall’s thriving cabaret scene; a Justin Bond-a-like crooner, a pug wielding 6ft drag queen, a hilarious Kate Bush impersonator, a fit as fuck punk compere, Bottom as Elvis meets car mechanic and the toga wearing boys from Bearlesque translating pages of verse into universally understood hand gestures.

Though they cleverly simplified the plot for a bunch of drunk homosexuals, your ability to follow it was rendered irrelevant by several highlights, namely some catchy tunes delivered with a knowingly cheesy pizzazz and some out of character onstage bitching. A personal favourite was: “Oh yeah? What drama school did you go to?” “Rada” “Bitch.” Maybe you had to be there... trust us, it was funny.

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