Bomb scare!

News just in from Cazwell and Amanda Lepore...

Via email last weekend from East Village rapper, Cazwell and the world’s #1 transsexual, Amanda Lepore:

Hey guys. So get this. Amanda and I got our show canceled and you wanna know why... A BOMB SCARE! I shit you not. Our show in Dublin got a bomb scare. We were minutes away from going on at Club George in downtown Dublin when the police came in and told the host to get on the mic and evacuate the building. Amanda and I along with hundreds of Dublin CL=lub kids had to wait outside for an hour before the performance was called off. All i know from police is they got repeat fone calls all day saying our show was gonna get bombed. The good news is Amanda and I are safe and are back in Good 'Ol New York City. Via first class no less.
Caz and Mandy

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Timmy Mallett's long-lost son.

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27/06/2008 23:58:06

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I think his jacket may already have

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Her breasts do look like they are about to explode...

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26/06/2008 12:59:40