Big Brother

Big bore...?

Another year, another Big Brother, another camp egotistical gay man parading in front of the photographers.
Dennis is the token gay man of the house this year, predictably the same stereotype the show’s been pedalling for years – fun, dim, and as someone put it, ‘the butt of all the jokes.’

Apart from Brian Dowling who was down to earth yet funny at the same time, I can’t stand watching anymore gay men prancing about like they’ve just been let out of their playpen and its time for the performance of their life.

Dennis is a 23 year-old dance teacher from Edinburgh. He says he’s on the show to ‘massage his ego’ and he ‘would never date someone better looking’ than him. Which explains why he’s still single.

Many of my gay friends, including the camp ones, loathe each year’s representative of gay men. Please let it be clear that I’m not attacking camp men at all. It’s just what grates on me is it seems that it’s the same loud, over-opinionated gay man again and again. I’m fed up.

Why should I be grateful that Big Brother at least includes a gay man when it never strays far from the stereotyped image?

They go into the house claiming they’ll remain themselves and won’t change for anyone, which is admirable until you realise they’re not themselves and this is a reality show that doesn’t represent reality.

David Challen, GT Intern

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I can agree with you on that one, it seems that all we ever get to see these days is the stereotypical gay lad that everyone feels safe with putting on tv. It would be nice if got to see another side to gay people.

Added by funkySi

29/06/2008 23:00:13