Get to the dancefloor

This is the most requested song in London's G-A-Y club apparently...

It's Don't You Wanna Be Mine by Denise Lopez (remember her?). We're liking the retro HiNRG vibe and shouty words in the video.

Want to know the history behind it? Well Denise, bless her, is probably better remembered for her spectacular vocal range than her US chart success. This song was a 1990 single, but it peaked at #86 on the Billboard Dance Chart with the remix from production duo Robert Clivillés and (the late) David Cole (better known to most as C&C Music Factory) almost going unnoticed (aww). However now it's been dusted off and given a 21st century electro remix for the first ever UK release. It's out on June 16th kids...

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