Jonathan Ross gets a look up the skirt too many

The loveable floppy-haired BBC presenter and talk show host is a hard person to hate, especially when he occasionally presents pictures of himself in silly Spiderman costumes and subjects his Pug (Mr. Pickles) to similar visual atrocities on The Jonathan Ross Show.

But to be frank, Ross' treatment of recent female guests has been if anything, fairly misogynistic. It took him two minutes to steer the conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow to sex last month, culminating in his confession that: if his wife 'gave me permission, yes, I'd fuck you.'

And with the announcement of Ross’s new pay deal, which is a staggering £18 million over three years, comments like ‘I’ll give you a bit of daddies sauce’, whilst interviewing Paltrow, shouldn’t be rewarded with more of the license-fee-paying public’s money. It isn't an isolated case. The subsequent show, shown last month, had Sarah Jessica Parker. Not long into the interview Jessica Parker was explaining how, when in the premier of her new film, she tried slumping down in her seat to avoid obstructing the audience with her large ornate headpiece. Jessica Parker then re-enacted said slumping on the sofa when Ross asked her to do that again, and pretended to drop his pen to get a look up her skirt. For the presenter of the BBC’s flagship show to treat women as sex objects, albeit in a playful way, shouldn’t be tolerated. Especially after recent claims of female correspondents being over-looked on the BBC’s Flagship 10pm news bulletin.

Having being questioned last year over his comments to David Cameron over whether as a schoolboy he fantasised about Margaret Thatcher, the mentioning her in stockings, and then the BBC’s subsequent ban of repeats of the show, its time for him to be reminded he’s found the line and overstepped it.

Words: David Challen

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