Bob Henderson

Gratuitous homoerotic pop video of the week

Now, we don't need many reasons to watch semi naked men on the internet...

but seriously, we get emails about this kind of 'for the gays' electro pop every. single. week.

This one, by Jason Antone deserves some credit for side stepping the usual cringe-worthy club scene, though we suspect that is down to budget issues rather than artistic vision. We're treated to some clumsy (cheap) imagery to do with the sea, inkblots and seagulls. Elsewhere, all those groping hands are cleverly linked to the outstandingly original lyric 'in your arms'.

Thanks to the high quality rendering of youtube, it looks a bit like Will Young at one point. Look at the lips. No? Well if you check out his myspace he looks a bit like one of Liberty X.

You will be suprised to learn that this 'Billboard Breakout' 'is now impacting the charts'.

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Yikes. Steady with the lip-salve Jason. And get a new snare drum.

Added by MDK

05/06/2008 08:18:38