Leave Cynthia Nixon alone!

So she's gay. Get over it girl...

The latest bit of showbiz goss that dropped into my email concerns Sex And The City star Cynthia Nixon, who's being interviewed daily as part of the SATC: The Movie promo push.

Nixon, a well known out lesbian, was asked whether she would love her partner, Christine Marinoni, were she a man.

Come on! Would a straight star be asked if they'd still love their partner if they were the opposite sex? Sure it's an interesting thing to ask, but we all know it would never be on the journalist's agenda. Why? Because it would never occur to them.

Straight is normal, but gay relationships are still treated with the kind of nosy incredulity that anyone dating a partner three times their age might be subjected to.

I say, get over it. They're gay, their together. What-ever...

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