Leave Dolly Alone!

Parton not happy with shock jock's trickery...

Dolly Parton has issued a statement after the shock jock Howard Stern ran a segment on his US radio show where Dolly's voice was edited so that she seemed to make a range of racist and "sexually vulgar" remarks.

She's not happy about it!

"I have never been so shocked, hurt and humiliated in all my life. I cannot believe what Howard Stern has done to me. In a blue million years, I would never have such vulgar things come out of my mouth. They have doneediting or some sort of trickery to make this horrible, horrible thing. Please accept my apology for them and certainly know I had nothing to do with this. If there was ever going to be a lawsuit, it's going to be over this. Just wanted you to know that I am completely devastated by this".

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