Yet more about Kylie

She's been writing some letters, or something.

La Minogue ( or "le verre de pinte de princesse" as the French call her*), has been awarded one of the highest cultural awards possible from France for her “contribution to the enrichment of French culture”.

On the eve of her world tour she will receive the “Chevalier dans L’ordre des Arts et Lettres” insignia (‘Knight’ in the Order of Arts and Letters) at a ceremony in Paris on Monday May 5th. Her world tour opens at the Paris Bercy on May 6th.

The award will be personally presented to Kylie by the French Minister of Culture and Communications. Kylie will be the sole recipient on the day but joins the illustrious rank of past artists and writers who have been thus honoured including Ella Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, Meryl Streep, Robert Redford and T. S. Eliot.

Kylie said: “I am deeply honoured to be recognised in this way. French culture has influenced me greatly and I have always had colossal respect for the arts and people of France”.

*this is in fact completely made up and not true in any way.

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