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Olivia Newton-John saves a kitten!

She's an angel isn't she? First she brought us Xanadu and now she's rescuing poor defenceless animals whilst taking part in ‘The Great Walk to Beijing’.

Olivia found the kitten, which was roughly one day old (aww!), in a freezing pond, where it had been discarded by its owners and left to die (murderers!). She and the other celebrity walkers have nursed it back to life, feeding it milk through a syringe, thus making it the latest celeb adoption! (Call Heat!)

They have named the kitten Magic after Olivia’s song Magic, which is the theme song of the walk. (Boo! We wanted the name Xanadu!)

“When I found the kitten I was sure it would die, it was freezing cold and very weak. But with constant love and care we have helped him grow stronger and now he is even beginning to open his eyes” Olivia says. ‘”I have had a few sleepless nights, getting up every two hours to feed Magic – but it is worth it!” she adds.

Aww! And it looks like Cliff is the Dad too!

Random fact: Olivia Newton-John has been walking The Great Wall of China since the 7th April in an extreme 23-day trek, covering 228kms to raise money for cancer. The personalities from the UK who have joined Olivia so far include Sir Cliff Richard, Dannii Minogue, Toyah Willcox, Anton Du Beke, Gemma Atkinson, Martina Laird and Liz Fuller.

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