Sex In A Different City

Sex and the City: The Movie will have its world premiere in London.

Of all places, you'd think that the premiere of the Sex In the City movie would take place in New York. But no. The reports are that the film – based on the hit US TV show about the lives of four New York women, just in case you've been living on Uranus for the past decade – will be shown for the first time in Leicester Square on May 12, more than two weeks before it gets its premiere in the Big Apple.

Why? Well apparently it's because of the weakness of the US dollar.

Columnist Elizabeth Snead said: "There are so many fashion merchandising tie-ins with the film that I guess London is seen as vital to the success of the campaign. The American economy and dollar are so weak right now that the studio seems to realise that London was the place to be."

All four stars - Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis – will be at the London event, and sources say producers feel London is financially more equipped to cope with it, although the film's makers, New Line, insist the New York event is just as important as the London one.

Btw all you fans of SJP and co. should pick up the current issue of GT (May), in which our very special associate cultural theorist, Prof E. Rogenas, explains some very, very important queer theory behind the four main characters.

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