Making celebrity friends at The Thomas Sabo Party

On Wednesday 12th March I joined forces with GT editor Joseph Galliano, his partner Mark Doig and their mutual friend Raffaele Orsini. Why? Hot jewellery brand Thomas Sabo ( were throwing a party at the Science Museum's Space Gallery to launch their new "Take Me Higher" collection.

So what was the jewellery like? The range was both naive and fun with pieces inspired by outer space. My personal favourite was the rocketship pendant on a sterling silver chain.

Who was there? The biggest celebrity guest by far was the chanteuse with a voice like liquid gold - Mutya Buena, though the delightfully feline and kooky Sophie Ellis Bextor was also in residence. On the decks were "DJ Collective" (I use that term very, very lightly) Trash Pussies. Who?? Trash Pussies are the "DJ duo" formed of celebrity offal (oops, I mean offspring) - Peaches Geldof and her friend Fifi Brown. Were they any good? Sure - if you think that being a great DJ involves selecting random CD's and pressing play whilst simultaneously managing to look perpetually unimpressed. I won't tell you exactly how much Trashpussies were paid (it was four figures) but I've a feeling that neither Thomas Sabo, nor the party organisers, would have been particularly impressed by the coverage in the London Paper the next day. Why? A London Paper mole happened to be in the loo at the same time as Miss Geldof and overheard her talking loudly on her mobile phone – complaining how boring the party was (it wasn't). Note to Miss Geldof - never bite the hand that feeds. I don't know about you but I think it's time that Peaches got canned.

Some stars shine far, far brighter than others, namely the delightful Mutya Buena. I have to admit, I was already a big fan – she was without doubt the most talented Sugababe and is now a successful solo artist who has collaborated with the likes of George Michael, Amy Winehouse and Groove Armada. Mutya was in attendance with her beautiful model/dancer sister Ligaya (currently making a splash in LA) and her lovely friend Melissa. They were stood not far from us and I couldn't help but look at them and smile. They smiled back and their eyes scanned me from head to toe. Their eyes stopped at my feet – I was wearing my favourite two tone pointy brogues, a much treasured gift from Dune ( What happened next is a testiment to the power of good shoes. We broke the ice by introducing ourselves and greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek. The girls told me that they'd been discussing how nice my shoes were. Flattered, I exchanged compliments as they happened to be looking rather fetching themselves – and so a friendship was born. We continued partying for a while then the girls asked what I was up to that night. Being a school night, I told them I had nothing planned. They told me they were heading to Heaven and asked if I wanted to come. It was all a bit surreal. I told them that it wasn't the sort of opportunity that arises every day – so I joined them in their car and texted Joseph to explain my disappearance (he jokingly responded that I was a "media whore"). We made a quick detour to the girls' hairdresser, during which I drunkenly serenaded Mutya with an excerpt from Soul Sound, my favourite Sugababes song (Mutya told me I had a nice voice and that Soul Sound was one of her favourite songs from her time in the Sugababes) and we hit the Sanderson for some champagne. We were joined by birthday boy Andre Schlagowski (one of the lovely PR's from Bryan Morel - the event organisers) and his partner.

Next stop was Heaven. Being a retired disco bunny, I had no idea it was Fruit Machine's last party. Fruit Machine was a legendary urban night – think R&B and Hip Hop with a crowd straight out of a Missy Elliot video. I was totally out of place in my bespoke black suit jacket, double cuff shirt, cardigan, skinny tie and skinny jeans – but hell I partied like the rest of them and we all had a blast. Being blessed with natural rhythm and having lived in South London for ten years may have helped – I did manage to make the girls laugh all night by doing my South London "Rude Boi" impression (it's good).

Andre and his boyfriend headed home and after a little more dancing, I swapped numbers with the girls and made my way home too (I'm proud of myself - it was only 2am). I'm happy to say new friendships were born that night.

Mutya is currently recording her new album, her sister Ligaya is making waves in LA, starring in a series of major music videos. Melissa is busy being fabulous and ferrying Mutya to her various commitments. I'll be seeing them soon as the girls are coming to an event at the Soho Hotel for the two underwear labels I co-own, Yes Master Lingerie and Master Underwear. I'm giving them some gorgeous lingerie sets because they took a chance on me and gave me a great night out. I also got my friends at Benefit cosmetics to send some product to Mutya as she's a huge fan of their range, particularly their cult highlighter "High Beam".

My grandmother always told me that manners maketh man. It just goes to show that sometimes making a new friend can be achieved with something as simple as kind words and a genuine smile.

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