Micheal Stipe Grabs His Shovel And Digs Some Irony

Stunned by recent press reports that REM's Michael Stipe has just come out? Were you more shocked when you heard Stipe came out in 2001 - just because that's what his then press officer had put on the Reveal press release.
Michael actually came out back in 1995.
And you couldn't really say he was in before that - he was just too tripped out to make much sense.
Received wisdom/stupidity is that coming out hurts record sales, especially in the US.
Funny how Michael Stipe's "people" keep outing him whenever REM have a new album out.
Anyway, I'm rambling - but Stipey thinks it's all pretty funny, too.

PS Slightly fattist Mike Mills joke at the end there, Mr Stipe. Mind you, Mike is HUGE these days...

PPS If you read any reviews of the new REM album that say it's "a stunning return to form." Ask yourself; what form? Monster? Up???

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