Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Bored with hearing idiots say kids aren't being homophobic when they use "gay" as an insult?
A new survey by The Association of Teachers and Lecturers shows - again - that "gay" has become the most frequently used term of abuse heard in the classroom.
This caused a tidal wave of dumb-dumb articles in the press; "What are the gays whining about? It just means 'lame' these days..."
It's become as hackneyed a cliche as ye olde classic; "And 'Gay' used to be such a nice little word..."

Have a look at the top 11 insults that the survey recorded - which almost every report neglected to mention - and see if you can detect any strange patterns emerging.

1. Gay (83%)
2. Bitch (59%)
3. Slag (45%)
4. Poof (29%)
5. Batty boy (29%)
6. Slut (26%)
7. Queer (26%)
8. Lezzie (24.8%)
9. Homo (22%)
10. Faggot (11%)
11. Sissy (5%)

Feel free to nominate any journalists you think need to go back to school.

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