Something For The Weekend

For once it's not a cliche to call an event in queer clubland "the end of an era" - this one really is.
This Sunday it's The Last Dance at Trade at Turnmills.
Way back in 1990 Trade - and its sister night ff - first opened their doors and their Ecstasy-fuelled nights invented "the gay rave scene", and afterhours clubbing.
Both were held at Turnmills in Clerkenwell, which was then a wine bar in the city, that had somehow become the first venue in the UK to be given a 24 hour licence.
Many gay men of a certain age still swear they had the best night of their life loved-up at Trade - "the original all night bender" - at some point in the early 90s.
And now it is no more. Although Trade has only been held occasionally for several years, now it will be held never again. For Turnmills is being turned into some offices, which, let's face it, London, needs more.
Boo hoo-hoo.
Fare thee well, Trade, and thanks for all the good, good times.
Looks like it really is time to go home, this time...


PS The Last Dance sold out in three seconds, but some tickets have been held over and will be sold on the door from 11am on Sunday morning.

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