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Wanna meet the "Swedish Kylie"?

What’s that sound? It’s GT sitting on the fence about this.

It’s the video for Cry For You, the first UK single by a Swedish pop singer called Petra Marklund, whose PR team has enthusiastically labeled “the Swedish Kylie”.

In her favour Cry For You was a number one US dance hit and top ten in several countries around Europe. That Youtube link above has also notched up an impressive 2,440,523 views (or 2,440,521 if we hadn’t looked at it twice).

Points against her include the fact Cry For You is “a complete rob of Smalltown Boy and Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” (so sayeth GT’s Bob), the use of a tent as a fashion accessory and maybe also the slightly weird epileptic Kelly Osbournes in the background.

That said, the video is being re-shot for the UK release, so that would render the last two points void.

We suspect we will have to hear it drunk before making a proper assessment.

(That said #2: this is further evidence of crimes against fashion. Hmm....)

NEWS FLASH: We're just been told that you can view her UK video for Cry For Youhere.

Cry For You is out on April 14th.

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