Last Night's TV: Delia

TV's most mumsy cook is back on our screens after five years waving her wooden spoon in the wilderness.
In the interim she's been simmering with rage at all those young guns telling everyone how to stuff a wild boar marinated in yak's cream.
It's all got too - and this is a direct quote - "poncey".
Hence this guide on how to cheat at cooking, using pre-prepared ingredients, frozen stuff and things in tins.
Her gay best friend, Nigel Slater, popped by to offer support.
He thought it was "naughty", but liberating; "like getting permission from the headmistress".
The show was packed with comedy, as Delia valiantly struggled to hide the labels from view, so as not to breach the BBC's product placement rules.
I'm quite the convert and last night knocked up one of these in three minutes.

PS Next week, she's got Sister Wendy on.

Fascinating factoid! This programme was actually broadcast on Monday, but I was so overcome with excitement I collapsed and had to be rushed to casualty.

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