H From Steps As Bad As Jeffrey Dahmer: Official!

Former Steps singer, H, has been compared to gay serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer - unfavourably.
Mind you the comment was made by the very sane, Stephen Green, of Christian Voice.
H - the artist currently known as Ian Watkins - has made a documentary for BBC Wales on growing up gay in the south Wales valleys.
Watkins meets Green and says he's happy being gay and in a loving relationship.
Green replies; "Jeremy [sic] Dahmer was happy murdering people, does that make it right?"
I know, it's a tough one, isn't it?
Apparently growing up gay in the valleys was "a nightmare"
H - who came out when he was on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 - also talked about his days in Steps; "Despite my success, I couldn't be myself. In a pop group like Steps, you need to be three things: single, sexy and straight. I had to lie about the last one."
Umm, and the second one...

The documentary is on BBC Wales at 10.30pm tonight. You can find BBC Wales if you trawl through all the chanels on satelitte for twenty minutes or so.

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