Confessions Of A Sin Bore

The Catholic Church has come up with a great way to halt the decline in people going to confession - invent more sins!
Yup, alongside those oldies but goodies - pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, and sloth - Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti has come up with seven new ones; environmental pollution, genetic manipulation, accumulating excessive wealth, inflicting poverty, drug trafficking and consumption, morally debatable experiments, and violation of fundamental rights of human nature.
Catholics are supposed to confess their sins to a priest once a year. The number of Italians who no longer go to confession fell to 60% a decade ago.
Maybe they could also rebrand those Original Sins, as "The Magnificent Seven" or "Classic Sins"...

Fascinating factoid! The Pope's official visits to the US and Ireland this year are likely to see huge protests by victims of "paedophile priests", angry at Pope Benedict's role in trying to cover up the mass sexual abuse of children...

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