Richard Smith's News-spunk! Ban This Smut!

Can you guess the “pornographic book” Christians are mad as hell about – now it’s “required reading” for high school students.
“The book is replete with profanity, an explicit description of a sex act involving Mother Teresa and some of the most graphic, vile and vivid depictions of homosexual anal sodomy ever put in print.”
No, that’s not the buy-me blurb on the book’s back cover.
Though, it does kind of sell it to you, doesn’t it?
That was the damning verdict of a group of “outraged parents” of pupils at Deerfield High School in Illinois.
They claim putting the book on a school reading list violates the state’s obscenity statute that prohibits adults from “distributing harmful materials to minors.”
It contains 221 “vulgar words”!
Heaven forfend!
They got even more miffed when the attorney’s office told them school officials were exempt from prosecution.
So what is it?
It’s this Pulitzer Prize winning ”smut”.

Fascinating factoid: The "explicit description of a sex act involving Mother Teresa" they refer to is the bit where Belize tells Roy he has to take his medication.
And Roy replies; "Suck my dick, Mother Teresa."

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