Let Them Eat Face

Fans of the US soap As The World Turns are up in arms because young lovers, Luke and Noah, haven't kissed since September.
As the hit show is on every weekday, producers have had a fair bit of opportunity to squeeze in some boy-on-boy lip action.
The boys first kissed back in August - the first time two gay men kissed on a US soap. They puckered up again in September, and, err, that's it. Nada. Nothing.
Crazed leftist conspiracy theorists claim it's because of the hold the US Christian lobby has over advertisers - and not just because one of the lads has got really bad oral herpes or something.
You can watch two grown fellas kissing like a couple of girls, find out more about them and the show, and sign a petition kicking it to the TV man here!

Fascinating factoid! America's first soap opera, As The Soap Sings, began broadcasting in 1956 and featured characters carved out of bars of soap singing popular opera arias.

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