Bob Henderson

Sunny Day Sets Fire @ The Luminaire, Kilburn

Managing to overcome the awful band name they’re actually pretty (and) good.

Blindfold opened and produced the kind of laugh-a-minute atmospheric music that could only have been made in a country that spends most of its time in darkness. In short they sounded a bit like Sigur Ros, with a kind of late nineties influenced obsession of being the next Thom Yorke. I was on my own and I did feel like crying, but I can’t be sure how much of that was down to the band’s emotive music.
The second band were awful, trying to produce some kind of soul-indie, but I couldn’t shake the memory of Toploader from my head and ended up going outside to have a cigarette, only to get gawped at by other smokers from the next door Irish/Sports bar. He started laughing at me for looking like a pilot (?!) before his mate stepped in ‘nah, s’alright, he’s in a band’. I don’t get why being in a band makes it socially acceptable to dress a bit faggy, but still it took my mind off the nameless troupe upstairs.
Finally Sunny Day Sets Fire take to the stage and peddle their charming schmindie with an added something. It’s very hard to explain – on the surface they’ve the potential to be a bit yawn inducing, but every minute or so they throw in an unexpected key change or new verse to catch you unawares. At times they verge on the epic grandeur of Arcade Fire but their lead singer sounds like a very un-British Gaz Coombes and there’s some of the most violently enthusiastic xylophone playing I’ve ever seen. When we first read heard them and checked out their myspace our gaydar went off, especially pouring over their Polaroid pictures. Now that I’ve seen them play live I have no idea who’s gay. I couldn’t even spot the Canadian – at first I thought it had to be the lead singer (perfect teeth) but his accent gave him away, so it must be the drummer. SDSF are hours of speculative fun to be had, and give us an exciting epic-pop-indie soundtrack to do it to.

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Aren't all men with beards gay these days?

Added by joseph

04/03/2008 16:37:34