Bonde Do Role new members shocker

Our second fav Brazilian (gay) band* have announced fierce new members.

Meet Ana Bernardino and Laura Taylo. Don't they look glam? They are to replace former singer Marina Ribatski who recently left the group. GT's Bob Henderson saw them perform at London's Scala late last year, after which Marina was dragged out of the building kicking and screaming because one of the audience members took her shoe. Oops! Let's hope that's not the reason why they all fell out.
Anyway, apparently Ana and Laura were chosen via auditions held in conjunction with MTV Brazil, which is perhaps a tad naff, but as long as the band continue to throw in Brazilian gay slang into their lyrics, who cares.
*FYI actually the only one that's gay is Rodrigo Gorky (that's the guy in a white T-shirt).

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