First We Take The Showers, Then We Take New York

I've never been sure if Concerned Women For America is a bona fide pressure group, or a comedy troupe.
They were the ones who fuelled the recent "Flesh-eating gay virus is going to eat the face off the world by tea-time next Tuesday" scare story.
They hate you - but it's only because they're concerned.
Concerned Women For America hate lots of things.
This week, it was showers. Listen in.
Not just any showers, mind, but same-sex showers.
I know - it's political correctness gone raving mental!
Apparently, there's a new law in Montgomery County that "allows men in dresses to use showers of the opposite sex."
Can you see the potential flaw in that?
So is this a cutting edge satire or just some rather scary right-wing nutjobs saying the first thing that comes into their heads and sighing and tutting a lot?
I'll let you, the people, decide.

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