Joke Of The Week - David Cameron

Not that I'm suggesting the leader of the Conservative Party is a joke, mind. Heaven forfend!
No, David Cameron told a joke last night, and I thought you might find it "interesting" - though not particularly funny.
Oh, it does need some knowledge of the Swedish political system, but if I told you what that was, it would spoil the "gag."
Anyway, Cameron was at The LSE in London, introducing a talk by the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
He said; "When I told my wife I was spending the early part of the evening with the new Swedish model, she looked concerned. Even more so when I told her I was bringing the new Swedish model home for dinner. And when I told her his name was Fredrik ..."
As they say in Sweden; "Bum bum."

A joke expert writes: The subtext is "Things can only ever get worse if someone thinks you're gay."
Thanks, joke expert!

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