A Song A Day. Part Nine: The Magnetic Fields

Welcome to part nine of my handy cut out and paste guide to the entire history of queer popular music. Today's lesson - The Magnetic Fields.
The Fields - as no-one actually calls them - have been chosen purely on a personal whim.
One, I think funsize and fun-lovin' Stephin Merritt is the greatest living songwriter in the world.
Two, I finally got a finished copy of The Magnetic Field's feedbacktastic new album, Distortion, the other day. It came with a rather nice freebie/obvious bribe - a neat little Distortion-branded packet of something or other.
I emailed Matthew, Merritt's charming press officer, to thank him.
"CD arrived - many, many thanks. Not sure about the packet of Magnetic Fields' condoms, though. Don't really want to think about Stephin Merritt when I'm at it..."
"They're earplugs, Richard!"
"No wonder I keep getting pregnant."

Anyway, here's Yeah! Oh, Yeah! a track from The Magnetic Fields' magnum opus, 69 Love Songs.
Chosen again on a whim.
I love this live footage as the band look like they're performing a while after Stephin's favourite time of day - Cocktail Hour - has long since come and gone.
You did? If you're unfamiliar with The Magnetic Fields, there are 68 songs just as great on 69 Love Songs.
And then we'll get you started on the harder stuff...

Fascinating factoid: Stephin Merritt is the same height as Prince - ie he's really fucking short.

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