Bob Henderson

Life is Boring

And so are generic indie boy bands.

Two of the aforementioned indie boy bands have been co-heading a tour as part of the Levi’s Ones To Watch Tour, namely The Cazals and Cut Off Your Hands. There is only one discernable difference between the bands, that The Cazals have a synth player, but boy what a difference it makes.

The gig was fascinating to watch, but mostly due to the thirty strong gang of pubescent boys whose slavish adoration of the band verged on the kind of hormonal excitement teenage girls lavish on squeaky clean soap stars gone pop. Before lead singer Phil came on stage, the front row start leering with ‘alrights?’ and sure enough the ritual begins and his opening line is ‘Y’Alright?’. The boys at the front then throw themselves into some vigorous homo-social bonding, cheering, patting eachother on the back, crowdsurfing and grabbing eachother in affectionate headlocks. Musically The Cazals aren’t revolutionary but they’re good at what they do; the kids certainly appreciated it. Their indie cred take on Spandau Ballet’s To Cut A Long Story Short is a good litmus test for how much you’ll like them, and it was a clear gig highlight. Everyone loves a song they can sing along to.

Cut Off Your Hands however made The Cazals performance sparkle in retrospection. Lack lustre and leaving the crowd virtually static, what little stage presence they could muster was spent recycling tunes and doing watered down Morrissey moping.

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