A Song A Day. Part Eight: Italo Disco

Welcome to part eight of my handy cut out and paste guide to the entire history of queer popular music. Today's lesson - Italo Disco.
Basically, this is a musical genre that doesn't exist.
It's just a way, if you're a journalist or a DJ, of saying you like Hi NRG, but want to to sound cool and underground.
Italo Disco is basically the records you heard in gay bars in Gran Cranaria or Barcelona, or possibly even Italy (hence the name), that sounded FUCKING AMAZING cause you were on holiday and had drunk all your duty free vodka before you came out.
The records - with their throbbing basslines ahoy - are actually might fine.
The aesthetics, though, are slightly questionable.
See what I mean?
I'm never letting my mum get that drunk again.

Fascinating factoid: If someone's patronising you by saying how much they love Italo Disco, tell them they're pronouncing it wrong. They probably are. It's actually pronounced; "Eye-tal-oh."

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