Richard Smith's News-spunk! Run Ralph Run!

The US presidential election has finally got a candidate that doesn't make you want to hurl yourself off a cliff. Ralph Nader has just announced he's going to run once more.
If you're bored to the floor with the vacuous empty rhetoric of Bararck Obama ("I have a dream, but I don't know what it is..."), and the outrageous mendacity of Hillary Clinton, Ralph's candidature - on a ticket of "Challenging the corporate domination of our democracy" - might see his rivals being forced to talk about some real issues for a change, if nothing else.
Three million Americans voted for Nader in 2000 - the irony is that pollers tell us most Americans - issue by issue - agree with him . Here’s why!
Bachelor Ralph has long been subject to a "queer smear" campaign, which he shrugs off as a distraction. He also argues that the "gay marriage" debate has been a distraction from the real issues of corporate control, whilst - unlike Barack and Hillary - saying he favours gay marriage.
Top man.
Ralph says; "Our political system is an idiocracy. It's the laughing stock of the western world."
But maybe The Buzzcocks put it better; "Sooner or later you gotta listen to Ralph Nader."

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