Bob Henderson

Not the New Amy Winehouse

No, things are far more serious for the young Gabriella Cilmi. She's the new...


Last night Ms Cilmi played at The Scala, and throughout the whole performance I could not get past the vocal similarities. Now some people might think I'm being rude. I'm not, it's just they both inspire the same amount of passionate devotion in me. And besides, who am I to doubt the general publics record buying tastes? According to the most reliable internet resource known to man , Anastacia has sold in excess of 30 million albums worldwide. I don't think we'll hear much complaining from Gabs if she falls foul of a similar fate. Personally, I reckon she'll come into her own with a second or third album. She is clearly a rock chick at heart, and with age (she's only sixteen bless) will come the confidence to make the kind of music she wants to.

I would've stayed to see the headliners Nouvelle Vague, but I'd had a few shandies and I've been working very hard recently. Also, they're basically a covers band. Rubbish.

Gabriella is interviewed in the current issue of GT, and the interview is online here .

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