Richard Smith's News-spunk! Kylie kills queerbashers dead!

A man in Middlesbrough has found a massive flaw in Stonewall's new poster campaign on challenging homophobia in schools. This week 600 posters are being rolled out across the UK featuring the legend; "Some people are gay. Get over it!"
But one gay man told the Wigan Evening Gazette; "The type of people who are not gay-friendly are not suddenly going to look at the posters and think ‘I won’t go out gaybashing, I’ll sit in and listen to Kylie.’"
Here's hoping Stonewall soon come to their senses and their next posters read; "Don't go out gaybashing. Listen to Kylie!"

PS There's one of these posters right by the GT office. Its message takes on another - often comforting - meaning after a hard day at an office full of queens.

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