George Michael with great abs

George Michael may have lived through the decade that style forgot (the 80s), but even still, you’ve probably never seen him looking quite like this.

That’s because it’s a painting by Nigel Whittaker.“I set out to achieve a representation of what the subject is about – either in their personality or their public perception”, says Whittaker. “Only in a portrait can you represent the spirit and the physical interpretation of a public figure. A portrait gives you an intimate experience in a public space. It’s quite liberating”.

Very true, but can someone please tell me what making George look like an extra from Return Of The Jedi is supposed to tell us about him? I have had a think about it and here are my three suppositions. Either:

  1. George’s stylist was shocked to discover George had dyed his hair green over night and so has strapped himself to George in order to prevent this ever happening again.

  2. The beastly figure behind George is supposed to be his “demons” that he carries around with him.

  3. George couldn’t see what he was putting on in the morning because of his red glasses, and so mistook an alien monster for his jacket.

Mind you, any portrait painter who can give you abs like that is surely worth commissioning…

Nigel Whittaker’s exhibition Naked Ambition: The Exhibition is at The Buttermarket, No 9, Brunswick Square, Brindley Place, Birmingham B1 2JA, from March 11th-21st.

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