A Song A Day. Part Three: The B-52s

Welcome to part three of my handy cut out and paste guide to the entire history of queer popular music. Today's lesson - The B-52s.
To celebrate the release of Funplex, The B-52s first album in 17 years, there's a beautifully written and endlessly fascinating interview with the Georgia peaches in the new issue of GT.
Fred talks about how kids would come up to them and recall seeing them for the first time on late night tv; "They thought; 'This band is out there. I've never seen anything like this.' And they realised we were kindred spirits - we were so not your normal band."
You can say that again.
You want some history? Hey, go read the feature.

Fascinating factoid: On almost all of their record sleeves The-B52s have a rogue apostrophe in their name.

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