Richard Smith's News-spunk! David Cameron really loves you

A new Radio 4 documentary reveals how David Cameron came to change his mind over Section 28 - he listened to his wife.
According to the Tory leader's gay best friend, Nicholas Boles, it was Samantha Cameron who made him see the light and drop his support for Section 28.
"She has dragged him, in some cases to seeing the world through her eyes, or other peoples' eyes," says Boles. "Section 28 was wrong and had to go. Over time, she made him see that in a way that - where he was, who he was talking to - he didn't see it initially."
So that's alright, then.
But it does conjure up the visual metaphor of David Cameron repeatedly kicking lesbians and gay men in the teeth, until his wife drags him away shouting; "Leave them alone, Dave - they're not worth it!"

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