A Song A Day. Part Two: DAF

Welcome to part two of my handy cut out and paste guide to the entire history of queer popular music.
Today's lesson - DAF.
Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft were Gabi and Robert. They may have been lovers. They certainly liked to get people guessing that could be the case. The band came out of Germany in the late 70s, and much of their music suggested that fascism was still only just beneath the surface.
They had a rather heavy duty S&M image, and their punishing minimalist Electro beats kind of led to Nu Beat, and thus eventually to Techno.
DAF were arguably the original "pervy synth duo", which would become an 80s pop staple from the likes of Soft Cell and Pet Shop Boys.
Der Raube Und Der Prinz is uncharacteristically pretty and a love song; if you don't understand German, the prince and the robber meet in a forest and fall in love.
Sounds rather sweet, doesn't it? But the video is creepy as hell. Enjoy!

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