Richard Smith's News-spunk! Hoorah for state snooping!

The Office for National Statistics has announced it won't ask about peoples' sexuality in the next census - good!
I've never understood why there's been a call for such a question from people who really should know better, like the TUC, Stonewall and Peter Tatchell.
There is actually no need for a census full-stop - unless state surveillance gives you a stiffy. The UK census throws up no useful information that couldn't be found through modern polling methods.
The process of the state amassing a list of queers strikes me as pretty scary - why would they want such personal data? How would it be used? And how could it be misused by a less benign and gay-friendly government in the future.
It might have some uses for better targeting health budgets, but local Health Authorities already have far more useful statistics for for this anyway.
Moreover, it's an undertaking that's filled with potential flaws, and which is almost certain to feature massive under reporting - so what use would that be?
Last month The Office for National Statistics conducted its first ever research into sexuality. 1% said they were gay, a further 1% said they were bisexual, O.6% said other - and 3% ticked the box "prefer not to say."
Maybe we could be offered options in the next census; are you straight, gay, bisexual or jedi?

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