Bob Henderson

Justice @ The Astoria

All style and loads of substances, Justice make a racquet and flash some pretty lights.

"Gimme an F! Gimme an A! Gimme an N! Gimme a C! Gimme a Y! What Does That Spellllllll?!" Gawd bless Jesse from Fancy, desperately trying to whip the 6.30 crowd into a state of appreciation. Given the early opening time and massive venue, the odds were against them but Fancy still turned in a performance as if they were headlining. They specialise in spectacularly camp glam rock, complete with cheesy poses, massive hair and raucous guitar licks. Fancy are an endearingly cocky, glamorous version of The Darkness without the novelty and a bucket load more sexiness.

The Teenagers were unequivocally shit. The barrel scraping lowlight was when a trustafarian bounded onstage for a horrendous rendition of Homecoming, oblivious to the fact that she was the object of the songs mockery whilst the lead singer visibly recoiled in embarrassment.

Justice essentially played their album in a different order, very loudly. I don't buy into the whole 'Dance music isn't "real" music' line of thinking, but this French dance act isn't fighting their corner particularly well. I'm sceptical of organised religion and I'm equally sceptical of flashy iconic imagery - there must've been a small army of lighting technicians, which made for stunning visuals but where was the Showmanship? Jesus could at least spin a good story. Without having taken enough drugs to put a whole animal shelter to sleep, I seemed to miss out on the epiphany everyone else seemed to be having.

Fancy will feature in the forthcoming April issue of GT

Photo: BH

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