A Song A Day. Part One: Morrissey

Welcome to part one of what will eventually be a complete history of queer popular music online.
Only not complete. And, seeing as I can't be bothered to do it chronologically, not a history.
But at least it's definitely online.
For now.
Anyway, to celebrate the release of Morrissey's Greatest Hits album this week, here's old misery knickers singing his most toe-tapping number from the 90s, Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself.
It's not actually on the new album as it wasn't a single, but even if it was, La Mozz would have probably left it off - he's gone a bit bonkers and - one song apart - just picked singles from the first year and last four years of his solo career.
But it's for idiosyncrasies like these that we've come to love him, eh boys?
Oh right, you want some history. Morrissey was once in a popular singing group called The Smiths. Manchester. Rain. Flowers. Blah blah blah.
I think this video sums up why they meant so very much to so many people. Enjoy!

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