Mariah Carey's new single premiered tomorrow (Wed 13th Feb)

Mariah Carey’s new single Touch My Body is getting its radio debut tomorrow (13th Feb) on both Jo Whiley's BBC Radio One show and Johnny and Denise’s Breakfast show on Capital 95.8fm.

(Those of you with better things to do than hang about all day waiting for it to come on don’t worry; we expect someone will have uploaded onto Youtube by tomorrow evening.)
What the single’s like, we can’t say. GT was invited to a playback of both Mariah’s and Janet Jackson’s new albums a few weeks back. Unfortunately for Mariah, Janet’s was first so by the time E=MC2 came over the speakers (that’s the name of Mariah’s new album, fact fans), we’d gone slightly glassy eyed and were finding patterns in the ceiling. (Note to their record company: next time can you give out free coffee rather than free booze. Thanks)

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Joe, would you really go to a launch promising free coffee? really? xx

Added by bobgt

22/02/2008 11:36:25