Suffer Little Children

Catholic Guilt – Christian Love shows its true face again

I’m sick of it - When anti discrimination laws were passed, many churches pleaded for the right to continue discriminating against gay people, particularly when it came to fostering and adoption. How very Christian.
Still, no- one was surprised.
I’m also not surprised to read the story today about a couple who’ve been foster parents for years deciding to stop fostering because they don’t want to have to ‘preach the benefits of homosexuality.’ Well, who’s asking them to. Fact of the matter is that there are thousands of children all with different needs in care, and they all deserve a Place-Of-Safety (that's why it's called that!). For a gay child (and let’s face it, no amount of preaching or radical leafleting is EVER going to turn a single person towards homosexuality) a caring and supportive environment is not too much to ask for. In fact, providing this would be fulfilling the very definition of a Duty of Care.

Children in care belong to all of us, as a society. It is not for individuals to decide on who is or is not an abomination, or whether this is a good reason to make kids who’ve already been through the mill suffer more because their sexuality is considered to be evil. This is a continuation of the child abuse that has been happening towards gay children across the world for centuries already. Thankfully, the government decided sensibly that the time had come to draw a line in the sand and start working towards ending this dreadful damage.

Frankly, if carers cannot provide a home where a child’s whole intrinsic being is be cherished and nurtured, then they are better off opting out of that system anyway. When a carer cannot put the very real needs of children in crisis before their spiteful Christian morals, then Good Riddance.

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Such examples do us a disservice. Ditto Stonewall's latest exercise - the campaign against anti-gay-bullying in schools. As the fathers of two young children, it made us wonder why Stonewall can't just join the efforts of people that for some time have been campaigning against bullying. Do they really think anti-gay bullying will stop when all the 'other' kinds of bullying carry on? Either we want to be equal, or we want to be special - with all the drawbacks. I don't think we can have it both ways. It might help to emphasize not differences (such as sexuality) but things we have in common (everything else as human beings). Yours Jess

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26/12/2007 09:49:07

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Joseph, Apologies if this is not the right spot for comments on the January 2008 issue. Here goes anyway: The 'new' GT is getting better with every issue. I always look forward to Terry Sanderson's column. Courageous, outspoken and to the point! My partner and I also owe Mr Sanderson a piece of personal happiness. His wonderful book, the 'Gay Man's Kamasutra' with its message of loving, erotic sex between men, helped my man to see gay love as something that can be beautiful, passionate and, most of all, part of a lasting partnership. It's a far cry from the examples you present in the 'Reporter' section (GT January 2008). At best they were vague, at worst completely off the mark. As an openly gay man, I wouldn't want to be associated with any of those guys that were caught out by assorted authorities. They only serve to reinforce stereotypes, and I doubt that they would win any sympathisers for the cause of equality and human rights for gay people. Such examples do us a

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26/12/2007 09:48:25