Censored by the London Underground on our Freedom issue

It's forty years since homosexuality was decriminalised and society seems to pretty much have come to terms with it - can someone PLEASE tell the London Underground.

We have spent some of our hard earned money on a poster campaign with them to celebrate this. We had a picture of two guys, the one in the foreground fully dressed, then behind him, craning his head on his shoulder, a guy in pants. In comparison to many ads that the LU run, a very tame, rather tender image. But wait... someone at London Underground has decided that this contravenes their advertising standards, and that we were likely to cause offence with this image.
We ran the advert past the authority that regulates advertising standards who told us: "While it may not be to everyone's taste, we do not anticipate that this image will cause offence." We relayed that to LU, who budged not a bit. "The man in the pants needs a shirt," they insisted, lest anyone be offended by his hunky male arms. Shudder.)

Time was bearing down on us: we had already sent the magazine to the printers with the intended poster image on the cover and were rapidly approaching the advertising copy deadline for LU (and thus in danger of losing our deposit - a not inconsiderable sum for an independantly published mag). We made a decision to run with an alternative poster (which I actually reckon was sexier!)

Our friends at the London Paper have stepped in for us and are running a poll for us to find out whether Londoners will find them offensive. Luckily I have more faith in Londoners discernment than I have in the people who run the underground.

To see the images, and tell us what you think about them, please go to and tell us what you think. We appreciate ALL feedback.

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