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Is multiculturalism subverting human rights?

Is multiculturalism subverting human rights?

Johann Hari, columnist for The Independent, says multiculturalism is
divisive, patronising, oppressive and often implicitly racist. In
particular, it leads to a shameful betrayal of women's and gay rights.
He is interviewed by Peter Tatchell on Talking With Tatchell:

The multicultural ethos sometimes colludes with oppressive ideas
within minority communities, especially ideas concerning women and gay
people. In these circumstances, respecting diversity can lead to the
toleration of reactionary cultural traditions.

Multiculturalism tends to treat minority communities as one
homogeneous mass; based on the dominant elites and values within those
communities. It often neglects dissenting voices within minorities.
This is wrong. Individual rights should always trump community rights.

Instead of multiculturalism's focus on celebrating difference,
promoting shared humanitarian values and equal citizenship are much
more effective ways to secure justice and empowerment for minority
peoples, argues Mr Hari.

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