Bob Henderson

Let the good times all Role out

Last night I went to the glorified roundabout that is Elephant and Castle in saaaf London, to go and see Bonde Do Role at Corsica Studios. The place is like a particularly clean, organised squat, over run by the cast of Skins. It’s the kind of place where people were having mind altering, life changing conversations in the corridors, ever poised for a photograph for I.D/dirtydirtydancing/myspace/etc.

As I wandered around the venue various bangin’ djs did their thing, such as dropping a surreal dance track which raved on about a percolator. For me, however, it was all just foreplay for BDR. After standing in a packed room sweating a few years off my life expectancy, Gorky and the gang bounce on and start throwing rock riffs and baile beats out like free condoms at a sex party. Screeching, clothes tearing, dry (well, sweat lubricated) humping, they deftly go from fucking around with the Grease soundtrack, to covering/obliterating Daft Punks Robot Rock.

I could bore myself stupid with hyperbole and superlatives, but it boils down to the fact that Bonde Do Role aren’t trying to be big or clever or hip, they’re just FUN. Which is worth any amount of sweat in my book.

Check out Bob Henderson's interview with Gorky (pictured left), Bonde Do Role's gay songwriter, in the current June issue of GT. On sale now.

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