Moscow Madness

The Mayor of Moscow banned gay pride again. Activists, including our own Peter Tatchell, travelled far and wide to deliver a letter of support for the march. Once again, this has resulted in assaults from counter protesters and minimal protection from the police – even though homosexuality has been legal in Russia since 2003.

The march was to be held on central Moscow's Tverskaya Street, but for the second year running, was denied permission by the city's uber-conservative Mayor Yury Luzhkov, who has called it "satanic." Around 100 Protesters, gathered outside the capital's City Hall to submit a letter of protest that had been signed by around 50 members of the EU parliament.

Russia is a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights, which requires it to allow demonstrations. But hey ho, it’s just perverts kicking off again, isn’t it?

The hostile crowd at Sunday's demonstration included people carrying crosses and wearing Orthodox Church clothing. It seems that once again certain voices within the church lose sight of Jesus’ central message of inclusion and love, and would rather be a part of a monstrous force of oppression. As Terry Sanderson might say, it’s Beyond Belief.

If you want to add your voice to the protest, write to the Russian Ambassador at the following email the Russian embassy Or write to HE Mr. Yury V.Fedotov, The Russian Embassy, 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QP

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Grant D, You are absolutely right about Russia and the Eu. Bit of a slip up on my part which has been removed. THanks for pointing that out! Joe G

Added by JG

07/06/2007 11:24:23

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Grant D, You are absolutely right about Russia and the Eu. Bit of a slip up on my part which has been removed. THanks for pointing that out!

Added by JG

07/06/2007 11:23:50

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Another step towards equality - well done brave Russians and internationals. One correction: Russia is not a member of EU.

Added by GrantD

30/05/2007 10:37:49

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I am sorry to that I have to say this, but what on earth did Peter Tatchell think he would achieve by even trying to voice his opinion in another country...and I would like to point out that he certainly did not represent me, or my partner of 24 years. I am furious that he thinks he can go anywhere he likes and push our point across to others. If the Russians want equality, they have to fight it themselves, like we did in the 60's. I don't remember seeing them help us. I really think Peter sees himself as the 'Tony Blair' of the gay movement and look what chaos he has caused in Iraq. Like him, Peter does not know anything about the country, or their conditions I will definitely not be contributing any further to Stonewall, if it goes toward getting assaulted. I sympathise with Peter for getting punched but he should remember that not every country is westernised or accepting of homosexuality...and it is clear that some countries do not want to be !

Added by getmdb

29/05/2007 06:50:50