To sing or not to sing?

So what if Britney Spears mimes?

The Britney Spear’s slow motion career car crash supposedly picked up speed earlier this week when the “trouble star” was booed on stage whilst performing a “live” gig. During a 15-minute show at the House of Blues in Florida, where she performed under the pseudonym M+Ms, her backing CD started to skip outraging fans who realised she had been lip-synching.
Now call me stupid, but I find the fact she mimes as unsurprising as hearing about Joan Rivers keeping a tab at her plastic surgeon (ok, so I made that up – but hey, wouldn’t it be fun if she did?). After all, that is what pop stars DO. She’s an entertainer! I don’t want her going all serious and muso on us. God forbid, look what that did to Madonna’s career. (A quick view of hands shall we – which song do you prefer American Life or Get Into the Groove? There, I rest my case.) Britney’s job to run around in silly outfits inventing dance moves that will form the foundation for the next generation of keep fit videos. We don’t go to see her sing, we go to see the Britney Spears show™. You know, all that weird chair molesting and arm movements mimicking a person in the last throws of rabies. So let’s put our handbags away and leave the singing out of it shall we – after all, are you really sure you want to listen to her…?

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