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Interview with Hazell Dean

And how you can win tickets to Summer Rites!

80s pop sensation, celesbian dykeon, proud Essex girl and queen of the Hi NRG scene Hazell Dean is releasing a new single “I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten”. It comes out in August on Energise Records, but before then she’s performing at Summer Rites on the 26 July who we've teamed up with for a free tickets giveaway below.

A brief aside on Summer Rites
Jesus Lagerfeld Christ - Is anyone from London’s gay clubbing scene not performing at Summer Rites next Saturday? We can barely get our heads around it this year. Titled “Out On The Dock” and nautically themed, Sink The Pink, Tranny Shack and East Bloc effectively go head-to-head around an actual East London dock, while Jonny Woo conjures a cabaret tent. Dirtbox, Meat and Hannah Holland’s Batty Bass (should be called Batty Sea Bass this time –no? Oh go on Hannah!) will be cooking up a sweat below sea level. Then the whole thing is dotted with 80s pop stars like Hazell and gay glitterati. On top of all that, John Sizzle will be giving swimming lessons in the canal, teaching you how to do breast stroke while sipping prosecco and keeping your make-up on (well, mostly on).

Back to Hazell:

Hi Hazell! Where are you right now? Like, literally...

I’m at home relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea dictating my
answers (because that's what we divas do!)

Hazell Dean down time! Tell us what a Hazell Dean night-in entails…

A night in at Dean Towers would be spent watching, Corrie, Holby City and Casualty, or a good drama like Happy Valley. There would be tea of course (decaf in the evening) and a few chocolate nibbles, which have to be chilled from the fridge!

You're an Essex girl in origin, but are you an Essex girl at heart? We were wondering what you think of the whole TOWIE culture.

I am very proud of being from Essex. I'm a Chelmsford girl. I’ve NEVER watched TOWIE. From the bits that I have seen it’s not an accurate representation of any Essex girls or boys that I know.

Have you been asked to do Celebrity Big Brother yet?

I’ve been asked to do quite a few reality shows but not Big Brother - and no, I wouldn’t do it. I enjoy watching from the comfort of my own sofa. I’ve had friends go into Big Brother but it’s not for me. I was recently asked to take part in The Voice and audition - the cheek of it! You can well imagine I said NO!

In a pack of celesbian top trumps which category would you beat Samantha Fox in? Vocals obviously but what else?

I have never been called a celesbian before! Isn't that Clare Balding and Mary Portas territory? I prefer it to Dykeon, which sounds like something from Dr Who. Celesbian is much more fitting for The Queen of Hi-NRG dontcha think? I have never met Sam Fox so don't know what she’s like. I have consulted my daughters Hello Kitty Top Trumps set for tips - and got none. How about 1) Singing – like you already said, 2) Gay Icon status - I have held the title for a very long time and don't intend to relinquish it, and 3) Being in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Your lovely daughter is already nine gosh! Is she showing any signs of pop star behaviour yet?

Oh yes, Miss Dean Junior can be a little diva. She does enjoy singing and performing and goes to school holiday workshops with Denise Waterman (the ex Mrs. Pete Waterman and member of "Tight Fit"!). Maybe she will be a pop star, or a vet, or a zoo keeper, who knows!

Some of our readers were born in the year 2000. For our GT kids club, what Hazell tracks do you recommend they dip their toe into first?

Blimey, you have readers that are 14 years old? I recommend they start with Searchin and then let it roll, listen to them all. My Daughter is nine and loves Shirley Bassey. Kids have eclectic taste, so why shouldn't the GT Kids Club love Hazell Dean?

Who would you most like to work with in the future?

The Pet Shop Boys!

When you see Jennifer Lopez are you like 'Woah' and stare for a bit or like 'Oh piss off!' and turn the page?

She is very beautiful, I like a lot of her music, and she is an amazing dancer and actress. I do however think that women get to a certain age, and no matter how fabulous their bodies are, they need to wear a bit more. After 40, no matter how ripped you are, you need to dress appropriately, so depending on what she is wearing I may think, "WOW, she looks great!" or "WTF!!! Put some clothes on woman!"

Finally. To win tickets to Summer Rites we'd like readers to concoct a Hazell Dean cocktail and tweet it @GayTimesMag. What sort of cocktail should we be looking out for?

I rarely drink, so that’s a tough one. I sometimes have a small Prosecco on a Friday with my gang of mates – it’s a mum thing to end the week! I have had a cocktail dedicated before, on a night out with the legendary DIVINE, we both had concoctions named after us in Amsterdam - how cool is that? So, if I were to indulge it should probably have a nip of brandy in it - purely to warm the vocal chords.

Thanks Hazell, and we’re looking forward to your performance at Summer Rites on the 26th!

Out On The Dock by Summer Rites will be bashing away on July 26th. Visit for more info. See you there! (We’ll be with Sinitta helping out in the lost property tent)

For more Hazelly updates check out the Energise Records website and her own

And to enter our competition, follow us on Twitter @GayTimesMag and tweet us your Hazel Dean cocktail using the tips above before Wednesday 23 July.

Words Jack Cullen, @jackcullenuk

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