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Interview: Jasper Cole on breaking the gay stereotype (part 2)

Hollywood actor Jasper Cole talks horror movies, The Purge: Anarchy and breaking the stereotype of gay actors.

STOP, did you miss part 1? Click here to read the first half of the interview.

There’s a generalisation that gay men are typecast in to comedic and stereotypically camp roles. Do you think you break the mould?

I’d like to think so! I just always let my work speak for itself. I think it is nice to have a broader range of actors to play different parts. There’s a list now of people like Zachary Quinto from Star Wars and… OH I mean StarTrek! Sorry! The fans will kill me! I’ll get stoned and burned at the stake for that! It’s kind of interesting to me why straight actors play gay or gay actors play straight. I’d like to leave the planet one day thinking that I’ve broken the mould. I’ve always kept my private life private... and I think I would be this way regardless of sexual orientation. For me, I just like to let my work stand on its own merit. It’s kind of hypocritical because we’re all guilty of wanting to read about people’s lives, actors lives. But for some of us we just think, “Oh I just wanna talk about my work.” But I’m at the point in my career where I’d love to be able to say ‘just be yourself’ and let my work do the rest of the talking.

On that thought of your work, your IMDB list is almost endless, there’s over 100 titles on there. What keeps you coming back?

First of all, I’m old! [laughs] I mean I did turn 50 this year! But when you’re a character actor you can tell your age. Ironically as a character actor I want to age myself up more at this point so I can get older parts. What keeps me coming back? Honestly I love what I do, it sounds so cliché but I just do. I’m still excited when I turn up on set, the stage is my real love but of course I don’t get to do as much anymore. I just really still love what I do and I always said that the moment I got on a set and didn’t want to be there anymore that would be the time to reevaluate.

At the bottom of your IMDB page it says your nickname is Jazzy, is this true?

Well, yeah! It’s funny most of my girl friends call my Jazzy, particularly come of my close ones. I’m always amazed what comes up on IMDB but somebody did get that somewhat correct. It’s so funny probably about five people call me that! I think it comes from Jasper, Jazz, shortening it up. It’s so funny ‘cos if you know me and the way I look it’s kind of a joke. I’m so not Jazzy. It’s hilarious.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to shamelessly plug?

I have an internet and YouTube radio show called On The Set with Jasper Cole. That’s on my website too. We do it once a month and it’s syndicated on iTunes and all different places! That just shows a little bit of my real personality, so I’m not always playing the creepy guy!

We promise Jasper isn't creepy, he's lovely! Don't forget to say hello, Jasper is on Twitter, @jaspercolesays

Check out Jasper's website here. You can find his podcast On The Set with Jasper Cole on Youtube and iTunes.

See the trailer for The Purge: Anarchy below (out in cinemas 25 July)

Words Harry Dean, @harrydeansays

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