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Top 5 Adele Moments

She's not releasing a new album, but this will help numb the pain.

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the rumor of a Adele’s new album is… exactly that, a rumour. Twitter cried yesterday when word spread that Adele whateverherlastnameis would release a new album called 25 with a worldwide tour.

We’ve been waiting THREE years for the mother of music (move over Gaga) to return, but we’re just going to have to wait longer. Actually we found the whole thing rather hilarious, so we’ve gathered some of the funniest moments from Adele captured on screen!

5. USA Today

Before we even got in to the interview she’s telling us, “Don’t buy it if you don’t like it!” A word of advice, stick to singing my love, marketing isn’t your strong suit!

4. “Japanese” Prank Interview

Ushi & Dushi are the comedy pairing that aired on the Dutch channel RTL 4. They interviewed a whole range of big names and Adele was on that list. Playing on the awkward comedy from misunderstanding a language, this interview is perfect in so many ways.

3. The “Laugh”

Lets be honest, it’s a cackle. Even Adele herself knows she cackles! But it’s the best kind of hearty, honest laugh that makes you join in. Adele’s unique chuckle well deserving of the third place!

2. The Graham Norton Interview

If you’ve never seen it, shame on you! Adele’s interview on the couch with the fabulously talented Graham Norton is a barrel of laughs. Complete with stories on projectile vomiting and stalking old friends on Facebook!

1. Flipping off the suits!

At the end of the 2012 Brits Awards, Adele was collecting her award for Album of the Year when James Cordon interrupted her to cut the program short. Cordon has since apologised but it wasn’t before our cackling performer flipped the bird! Stick it to the man girl!

Words Harry Dean, @harrydeansays

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