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Zayn Malik's secret Instagram reveals... cats.

Calm down… No naked shots. Just cats, wrecking balls and some selfies.

It seems celebs these days need a helping hand with how to maintain their social network accounts. Mr Malik is the most recent megastar to make his private account errr… public.

Here at GT we’ve picked out some of the best pics ‘accidentally’ made available to the public.

He has dreams of being a superhero. *sings* You don’t know oh oh, I can be your superhero.

Pre-tattoed Zayn even had a go himself.

He came in like a wrecking ball and he seemed to be having a wail of a time.

Is that a wedding band we see? He's apparently denied a marriage to long-term girlfriend Perrie (of Little Mix) but ooh the speculation!

AW. Zayn and his Pussy(cat)

If you fancy a quick browse before they are hidden once more… here’s his ‘private’ Instagram account for your viewing pleasure. It probably won't stay private for long though!

Words Lucy Attenborough, @LAttenB

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